One shall have her cake

Happy Jubilee weekend!

In true Diamond Jubilee spirit, I have put my DIY baking/decorating skills to the test. While some may have their bunting hanging, my kitchen has been brightened up by this gem. A classic victoria sponge inside, my Union Jack cake is enough to get me in a celebratory mood.

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One for the recipe book – Banana and cinnamon muffins

My lovely banana and cinnamon muffins.

My fondness of afternoon baking has taken a turn for the more obsessed after finding myself with a bit more time on my hands. This time, I made one of my favourites and a recipe that makes use of leftover, or going-off foods in the kitchen. Tasty cakes using abandoned ingredients – win win. My banana and cinnamon muffins are really tasty and are great as a snack or for breakfast and I believe (well I tell myself) that they are a┬ámore healthy variety of cake because of their fruit content. Right? The bananas are best when they are pretty black and no one wants to eat them any more. So instead of putting them in the bin, have a go at recycling them.

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