The 80’s Called…

I came across Been There, DIY’d That a little while ago and found some really great ideas for upcycling furniture. Now that my sideboard is done, I am longing for another project to get my teeth into so, watch this space, I may try this great table idea out. Give me a geometric print and an old piece of furniture and I am a happy lady.

Been There, DIY'D That


And they want you to give their table another chance.
I know, it’s hard, it’s not my thing either. But it was two dollars at a garage sale and it was crying out for me to save it. Besides, the 80’s are making a comeback whether we like it or not. Clothes, hair, music and even creeping into home decor. I live in a college town and I see flash dance everywhere! That being said, a lot of college girls shop at our local antique mall where I share a little room/booth with my super crafty and super creative momma. So why not try my hand at reviving this sad little table. If I could change my mind about midcentury furniture then why not this?

20130922-193049.jpg I was inspired by a fellow blogger’s table. You really should check out her blog. She is a pretty neat chick. She did hers a…

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One shall have her cake

Happy Jubilee weekend!

In true Diamond Jubilee spirit, I have put my DIY baking/decorating skills to the test. While some may have their bunting hanging, my kitchen has been brightened up by this gem. A classic victoria sponge inside, my Union Jack cake is enough to get me in a celebratory mood.

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