Ways with wallpaper

Thought wallpaper was just for your walls? Think again. Inspired by my colleagues on Period Living magazine, who turned the office into a haberdashery of late, I decided to get my craft head on and revitalise some not-so-stylish items found around the house. Whether you have old books, disused hat boxes, photo frames that are a bit dated or even an art print that you don’t like any more, you can bring it back to life with a few bits of wallpaper. I was cheeky and made my way around B&Q getting plenty of samples, but you could use this as an opportunity to use up leftover rolls of wallpaper – or if you’re feeling nifty, you could opt for fabric samples instead.

Uses for wallpaper

I’ve built up a little collection of wallpaper samples for future projects

Uses for wallpaper

This box started life as a VERY glittery silver Christmas gift box – now it’s a stylish storage box, which will go lovely in the new living room scheme

Lampshade redesign

I turned a beige (boring) lampshade into a statement piece with scraps of this lovely blue and silver wallpaper


While time consuming, I was very pleased with the finished results

Convinced that wallpapering everything is the way forward for savvy, purse-friendly interior makeovers, I was pleased to see that my friend Emily had also adopted the technique when decorating her son’s room. The papier mache letters look great and it is a simple concept with plenty of design impact. I will definitely be stealing this idea!


Emily’s idea for alternative artwork works really well

UPDATE: I love this idea from Laura Ashley, and is definitely something I will try when I come to decorating my living room for Christmas.


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