How To Hang a Picture Frame

Came across this little gem of a blog post today and thought it would be criminal not to share it. I have loads of photo frames I want to hang in the new house, but couldn’t think of a way of getting around hanging ones that are currently just designed to stand on mantle pieces and window sills. Well, thanks to Budget Gal From So Cal, I can now enjoy all my snaps and create a lovely display in the hallway. I better get some cans of pop in though!

Budget Gal From So Cal

Goodmorning, today’s project is when you have the dilemma of wanting to hang a cute snapshot on the wall in a picture frame you have laying around the house, however this frame has no way of hanging.  All you need is a flip top aluminum soda can and a small screw and screwdriver… check it out! Image

This is great for sitting on the table, but not for hanging on wall…




Now that was easy!!!   I can’t take the credit, I saw this posted a while back on romance on a dime website. 

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