Hello Pinterest!

Not one to jump on the bandwagon, I have never really been interested in photo sharing sites like Tumblr or Instagram, but I recently wrote a feature on how the internet can actually help you plan a successful interiors scheme and realised that mood boarding sites can be very useful indeed. So when tasked with furnishing the new house, I decided to finally get myself an account of Pinterest and have been pinning my way around the web ever since.

The site is a great way to collect all your ideas in one place and can really help you to visualise what a scheme will look like, whether colours and textures will work well together and if a design will suit the space you intend to use it in. It is great to revisit your initial ideas and see how they have matured and evolved, and also see whether something you thought could work well actually might not be a success. Thankfully, these ideas can easily be unpinned, which is far easier than buying something and finding out it doesn’t fit with the interior once you get it home!
So far, I have created boards for the living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom and have been pleasantly surprised at how much inspiration you can get from other people’s boards and it is great to steal an idea here and there to adapt to my own space. Most retail websites also have a Pinterest page, so I have happily compiled a digital shopping list (read: wish list) of what I would like for each room. Given that our new lounge is rather small, my living room board may be more aspirational, but full of great ideas all the same.
If you’re a beginner like me, here’s a quick guide on how to start pinning…

1.    Sign up to Pinterest for free using your email address and a password
2.    Verify your email address by clicking on the link in a new email from Pinterest
3.    Create a new board. You can have up to three secret boards and the rest are public so people can see what you have pinned. Categorise each of your boards clearly to ensure that your ideas are organised. I did mine by room, but you could try colour schemes, wallpaper ideas or even soft furnishings
4.    Take a look at other people’s boards by entering a search term in the search tool at the top and click ‘Pin’ to add an image you like to your own board. You can select which board to pin it to in the pop up window
5.    Collect as many images as you want and view what you’ve found whenever you’re in need of some inspiration

Have you got a Pinterest account for collecting your interior ideas? Follow me to keep up with mine…


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