Only free coffee can get me through

When I walk my feet schwelch loud enough for others walking the streets of Manchester city centre to hear. It goes without saying that they are soaked through and through. This is bad enough, but in around 30 minutes I will be walking into an office with the aim of impressing a director of a company with my journalism expertise. I’m not sure schwelch makes the right first impression.

This, my second interview of the day, will hopefully go well and my car will not be blocked into a space by some incompetent driver who thinks it okay to park directly behind me – as happened after my first appointment. But, I must keep focus and maintain my manner of professionalism, remembering not to beg for a job. Gah.

With the rain, foot schwelching, parking nightmares and impending interview, my afternoon could be better. On the plus side (and it is a plus because it means a freebie coming my way) I have successfully bagged myself the last stamp on my Cafe Nero loyalty card. I may need that free coffee later if not just to warm my poor feet, but to put myself at ease for the next few hours. Wish me luck, maybe a schwelcher is just what this company needs…?

Hooray! Free coffee coming my way.


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