Diamond Jubilee brings out the patriot in all of us

Jubilee weekend is just around the corner and I can’t wait. Not just for the long long Bank Holiday weekend, but also for the impending partiotic celebrations. After a quick trip (window shopping) to John Lewis, my fondness for the Queen and her 60 years on the throne have grown significantly and I have a sudden urge to get my hands on all things Union Jack and commemorative. From cute cake stands, bunting, paper plates and bowler hats with red, white and blue flags sticking out the top, there is defintely an air of being proud to be British flying around.

So now I am on a mission to find something cheap and cheerful to do to celebrate the occasion in my own little way and here are just some of my ideas…

1. If there isn’t a street party near you, plan a picnic.
All depending on whether the glorious weather of late holds up, a picnic in the park would be a lovely way to spend a day this weekend. Prepare some sandwiches, make some sausage rolls, bake some banana and cinnamon muffins and mix up some Pimms and lemonade (Aldi do a good cheap version) and you’re good to go. Don’t forget a blanket and the sunscreen too, oh and the mandatory Union Jack covered disposable crockery.

2. Knowing the traditional British summer, also plan a tea party (as a back up to the above).
While it would be nice to think the sunshine will last for the next week, we all know that it can be 26 degrees one minute and snowing the next. So, in true British style, make sure you have a back up to any outdoor activities you have planned. Instead of a picnic, bring the party indoors and enjoy a great tea party. You can still have all the same foods and drinks, just a change of location.

3. Find local events.
Many towns and villages are holding street parties that are free to join or ones that cost very little. Manchester has been revealed as the capital of Jubilee jamborees with many towns closing their streets for a series of special celebrations. So, if like me, you live in the North West, there could be plenty on your doorstep to fill June 4 – the official jubilee day. If street parties aren’t your thing, you may like to check out events like the Great British Food festival on June 5 in Warrington for a taste of some culinary delights (I’m thinking LOTS of free samples).

4. Get the house looking glam.
Even if you don’t have any plans for the jubilee weekend, you can enjoy yourself and get into the crafty spirit by decorating your living room with some home made bunting, paper chains and decorated balloons. Interior designer Laurence Llewelyn Bowen has been hosting a series on This Morning showing you ways to get the house looking ready for a party using second hand goods and DIY techniques. I’m keen on getting some paper chains hanging and donning some red, white and blue accessories.

What will you do to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee? Let me know here.


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