Crazy for coupons

Just a sample found in my purse…

They are everywhere. In magazines, online, via email, through the letterbox and even via text. Coupons and money-off vouchers come from nearly all online and offline outlets so who can help making the most of them in everyday life when shopping for essentials or even when using them to justify a certain, more expensive, purchase.

According to a survey, four in ten people have retrieved a coupon via their smartphone.

The latest research by the online voucher provider suggest that more and more people are embracing the discount trend through digital channels such as smartphones, androids and tablets.

For me, this is great and just another outlet for a good bargain hunt, but I also feel rather happy at having a wad of vouchers in my purse (see above).

The couponcabin study found that 29 per cent of smartphone users search for coupons on their mobile device at least once a month, with 40 percent of US adults ages 18 to 34 doing the same.

Commenting on the growing trend of mobile saving, Scott Kluth, chief executive officer and founder of said: “As we continue to grow, we’ve learned that our users are hungry for an app that puts the power of quality couponing in the palm of their hands, and our new app does just that – and more.”

People looking for deals on their digital devices are mostly looking at daily deals (popular sites including Groupon and Living Social) with a similar number of people searching for grocery savers to reduce the cost of their weekly food shop.

Meanwhile, the survey revealed that 29 per cent of savvy shoppers are on the look out for printable coupons and just under a quarter are keen on the odd freebie or two.

While this small survey confirms my beliefs that we are quickly growing into a super saving society, I’d be interested to know what you do to save?
Are you crazy for coupons?


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