The Great British bake off, well nearly

While on a mission to save some pennies and bring afternoon tea to my living room, I’ve become quite a whizz in the kitchen of late. While I have steadily increased my recipe repetoire since my days of being a student, living solo is teaching me the joys of not only cooking for meal time purposes, but also of Sunday afternoon baking. While it may be a bit premature to be a housewife familiar with self-raising flour and vanilla extract, the satisfaction of making tasty treats from scratch make for a rather quaint and indulgent weekend in.

In the past few weeks I have been on a cupcake mission. One recipe book told me to use oil as the fat instead of the usual butter. I tried it a few times and have discovered that creamed butter and sugar definitely give a better finish – nice and light and fluffy. I’ve done Easter vanilla cupcakes, classic fairy buns, chocolate fondant, strawberry-iced treats and banana and cinnamon ones too (courtesy of some browned bananas I nabbed from the office).

Here are just some of my creations, all lip licking good and made with love.

Vanilla cupcakes with sprinkles and vanilla frosting

Easter mini egg cupcakes

Chocolate drizzle buns (made with leftover Easter egg choc)

Shortbrad biscuits – really simple, three ingredients and that’s it!


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