Only free coffee can get me through

When I walk my feet schwelch loud enough for others walking the streets of Manchester city centre to hear. It goes without saying that they are soaked through and through. This is bad enough, but in around 30 minutes I will be walking into an office with the aim of impressing a director of a company with my journalism expertise. I’m not sure schwelch makes the right first impression.

This, my second interview of the day, will hopefully go well and my car will not be blocked into a space by some incompetent driver who thinks it okay to park directly behind me – as happened after my first appointment. But, I must keep focus and maintain my manner of professionalism, remembering not to beg for a job. Gah.

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Diamond Jubilee brings out the patriot in all of us

Jubilee weekend is just around the corner and I can’t wait. Not just for the long long Bank Holiday weekend, but also for the impending partiotic celebrations. After a quick trip (window shopping) to John Lewis, my fondness for the Queen and her 60 years on the throne have grown significantly and I have a sudden urge to get my hands on all things Union Jack and commemorative. From cute cake stands, bunting, paper plates and bowler hats with red, white and blue flags sticking out the top, there is defintely an air of being proud to be British flying around.

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One for the recipe book – Banana and cinnamon muffins

My lovely banana and cinnamon muffins.

My fondness of afternoon baking has taken a turn for the more obsessed after finding myself with a bit more time on my hands. This time, I made one of my favourites and a recipe that makes use of leftover, or going-off foods in the kitchen. Tasty cakes using abandoned ingredients – win win. My banana and cinnamon muffins are really tasty and are great as a snack or for breakfast and I believe (well I tell myself) that they are a more healthy variety of cake because of their fruit content. Right? The bananas are best when they are pretty black and no one wants to eat them any more. So instead of putting them in the bin, have a go at recycling them.

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The Great British bake off, well nearly

While on a mission to save some pennies and bring afternoon tea to my living room, I’ve become quite a whizz in the kitchen of late. While I have steadily increased my recipe repetoire since my days of being a student, living solo is teaching me the joys of not only cooking for meal time purposes, but also of Sunday afternoon baking. While it may be a bit premature to be a housewife familiar with self-raising flour and vanilla extract, the satisfaction of making tasty treats from scratch make for a rather quaint and indulgent weekend in.

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Penny pincher, me? Well it is cool now

You don’t’ have to look far before you see some news about the challenging times the world is having financially. Everywhere – television, magazines, newspapers, radio – is filled with news about economic downturns, government cuts and budgets. This, coupled with the forever rising costs of food, petrol and general living costs has given rise to a new trend: penny pinching.

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